Spring Auditions are right around the corner!

by David Hanna

spring auditions pic


Hey everyone!

Superfood, Georgetown University co-ed a cappella, est. 1995, is holding SPRING 2014 AUDITIONS! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just love singing, show up to Reynolds 141 on ONE of two days:

Saturday, January 11th 
Sunday, January 12th 
Times are TBA!!

Auditioning is pretty simple! Just prepare a verse and a chorus of any song that really showcases your voice (preferably pop, rock, alternative, r&b, or country) and we’ll teach you the rest. Here’s what you can expect:

At the beginning of each audition round, everyone will warm up together by singing a couple of scales. Then we’ll ask you to sign up for individual audition slots for later that day.
Your individual audition will last only about 10 minutes, so don’t sweat it! When you show up, the first thing we’ll ask you to do is sing a scale up to your highest note and down to your lowest note so we can hear your range. Second, you’ll sing back a few random notes that we play for you on the piano so we can get a better idea of your ability to recognize pitches. Third, you’ll sing your solo – the verse and chorus of the song that you prepared. Finally, we may ask you some general questions to let us get to know you better. Then you’re done!

We’d like to emphasize that no prior experience is necessary; just knock our socks off with your natural talent! You can get more information at our website, and you can also check out our youtube page.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at ask@gtownsuperfood.com or just leave a comment below and we’ll answer ASAP. Another great way to keep on top of our audition information is to RSVP to our Facebook event
and/or follow us on Twitter. We can’t wait to meet you! See you all there!